Privacy Policy

The Appellante Privacy Policy was updated on October 21, 2016.

In order to improve our products, we may collect non-personal information about how you use it. This privacy policy describes what information we collect, how we collect it and how we may use it. By using any of Appellante’s products you accept the collection and use of information as described in this privacy policy.

Information We Collect

We only collect information in a depersonalized form, that does not on its own, permit direct association with any specific individual. The following are some examples of information we collect and how we may use it:

How We Collect Information

We make use of Google Analytics, which is an analytics service provided by Google. This means that the information we collect is sent to Google in a depersonalized form in order for us to analyze it. You can read more about how Google may use the information here.

Privacy Questions

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions regarding the Appellante Privacy Policy.